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I have two hands. The left hand writes code, and the right hand proves things, and I can't let go of either. That's why I do both in real life. Oh, and I have a GitHub page.

But on Wikimedia, my hands work for me as a Wikibooks and MediaWiki administrator.

Other things

Did I make a mistake? Was I rude?

Please tell me; I greatly appreciate constructive feedback and would rather get it soon after making the alleged error than when I am applying for a role. I am not a native en-speaker, so I can make mistakes with translating my thoughts into words, which has caused some to think that I was (unintentionally) rude (which caused serious concerns at my global renamer applications to the extent that I got a borderline failure). Think of as a ML (machine-learning) algorithm that uses a bagging-style approach; I learn from past feedback and try to do better the next time.

Also, yes I do have other historical issues, but why should I have to disclose my entire life history just to be able to edit filters crosswiki? The fact that I'm being opposed as a result then is kind of sad and makes me feel helpless. Please, I do not mean any harm. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just here to help, like everyone else.

I wish that I could say that I am being discriminated, but again that would require disclosing information that I simply cannot provide. Until then I have to face with users telling me that I cannot communicate. Are they wrong? In my heart they are, but from their point of view they aren't. I can't change people's minds though, and I can see why people think that way, despite my intentions not to. Can I tell them why they feel like that? Again it requires disclosing things I am not comfortable to share.

Regardless, I will treat everyone fairly and by merit, no matter how "unfair" others may seem to me. This commitment is not negotiable.

GS attempts

For record-keeping purposes GS attempts.